Monday, September 7, 2009

Let’s get busy!


Hi - I've been busy doing other things than blogging and flickr'ing, ‘cause after my workshop in Denmark I spend every available second in my studio! The workshop was a real kick start! And also I am planning on one or two shows this fall, more about that later. Here are a few of the finished pieces, and I have ten or so "halfway done" paintings in my studio.

little friend rosatre skjaerer paa rad


  1. These are both really wonderfull ;o)
    Lucky you to have attended Lines workshop!!
    I've been looking through your Blog and Flickr and I really love what I see...and it seems to me that we're a lot a like...funny...

  2. Thanks Kristina! I've looked through your blog/flickr as well and I can see what you mean by us being a like : ) I've added your blog to my blog list.

  3. Thanks geisslein, for all your kind comments : )